Monday’s are what you make them. The first day after a full weekend. The beginning of another lucrative week…. more opportunities to engage in a fun activity with my child/children. I’ve kinda always seen them as a fresh start – a new beginning. I can remember thinking in high school about my grades, or a certain class in the aspect of weeks. “Last week – not so good, this week I will do better”. And even when I have a bad Monday I try not to mind because my old saying about things starting badly goes something like this “I don’t mind when a day (week/event/class/project etc) starts badly because then I got it out of the way early on and the rest will be better” …it’s something like that.

Anyways… Moral of this story is: I’ve never really minded Monday’s. Sorry Monday haters… 

(Oh and btw I’m also notorious for being a “morning person”)



Keep on keepin’ on

I wish I had more time to do things. Maybe if I wasn’t so insistent on getting enough sleep I would have more time. I just can’t seem to get caught up. Housework, play time, extra manicuring of the yard, blogging, organizing closets, catching up with friends – everything seems to be getting further and further behind.

Lord, please help me to find a healthy and happy balance between work and EVERYTHING else. 

I’m working so we can have a happy life – but sometimes I feel like I’m only working to pay bills… I just hope I’ll be able to look back on my life someday and be glad that I didn’t spend the whole thing working – I hope I see lots of fun times! Setting a goal! Accomplish memories!  



There once was a girl with long red hair.
She was pretty short, and her skin was fair.

She lived a well directed, but crazy life.
She had never been anyone’s wife.

Her eyes were hazel with big, long lashes.  
When she closed those eyes… memories… in flashes.  

She was a good and true friend.  
Her love for her children had no end.

Church and music helped bring her through things.
But the support of loved ones gave her wings.  

She flew high above all the strife below.
Waiting for her time to move forward and glow.


Foggy Morning For Us

Well, As you can see from the pictures we had a VERY foggy few hours around here. Luckily, we made it safely to all of our destinations. There was a sketchy moment but it would’ve happened with or without the fog. A guy on his phone, turned left right in front of me and if I wouldn’t have been paying attention we would have collided. I was not happy! But, that’s what horns are for right? 🙂

IMG_7516 IMG_7517 IMG_7518 IMG_7519 IMG_7520

40 Blogs of Lent, 13 down, 27 to go

A Night out after a tough day at work

We decided to venture out to Quimby’s, a nice place up in Michigan, for a little relaxation and a lot of good music.

Aria and I played our games on our devices until the food came. Then we did some dancing and just had some general enjoyment  – it was just what I needed.

Below is one snapchat photo that I sent to my friends while we were there and the others are of the band 🙂

IMG_7415 IMG_7417 IMG_7423

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Oh! The joys of having a 5 year old best friend!

I cleaned out my make-up case before work. Aria is fascinated with my make-up and if I forget to hide it she helps herself to it. So this is photo proof of how much make-up I have to throw away when 5 year old little fingers are involved in the beautification process in this house 😦 To be fair to her, It’s been since last May since I cleaned out the case and threw things away – so almost a year… but still, you girls have some pity on me right? This stuff is NOT cheap!


This is a close up view of the pile of stuff I had to throw awayIMG_7400

Oh, PS I did NOT throw away the My Little Ponies – I just left them in there for affect 🙂

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