Random Texts

“Still coming over tomorrow @1:30”

“I know you will do good. Don’t pick your lip”

“Jeez    one drink and you’re all Ms. Gabberson”

“You texted me a text that was blank :)”                                                            REPLY: “Deleting my calls     hit wrong key   so sue me”

“I just got back from the vet and put her down for a nap and now I’m being a bum considering eating Oreos for lunch”

“I won’t! Haha! And he does”

“And I have a confession” “I like the new Jusin Bieber song”                                REPLY: “That’s quite the confession!”

“Oh my goodness! Have you ever been to the mall?! Go in any door by the food court and walk down the main hall. You can’t miss it”                               REPLY: “OK jeez. I’m poor. Duh” “I try to stay away from places I can’t afford”

“She won’t be anywhere near Sniffers”

“Gotcha!!! April Fools!!!”