Monday’s are what you make them. The first day after a full weekend. The beginning of another lucrative week…. more opportunities to engage in a fun activity with my child/children. I’ve kinda always seen them as a fresh start – a new beginning. I can remember thinking in high school about my grades, or a certain class in the aspect of weeks. “Last week – not so good, this week I will do better”. And even when I have a bad Monday I try not to mind because my old saying about things starting badly goes something like this “I don’t mind when a day (week/event/class/project etc) starts badly because then I got it out of the way early on and the rest will be better” …it’s something like that.

Anyways… Moral of this story is: I’ve never really minded Monday’s. Sorry Monday haters… 

(Oh and btw I’m also notorious for being a “morning person”)