There once was a girl with long red hair.
She was pretty short, and her skin was fair.

She lived a well directed, but crazy life.
She had never been anyone’s wife.

Her eyes were hazel with big, long lashes.  
When she closed those eyes… memories… in flashes.  

She was a good and true friend.  
Her love for her children had no end.

Church and music helped bring her through things.
But the support of loved ones gave her wings.  

She flew high above all the strife below.
Waiting for her time to move forward and glow.





The introspective month of November

Missing Kaysee’s Bob

Written By Allison 11/14/2004 (only the first word has changed)

Nine years ago today, you passed away.

I just want to sob and lay.

I just want to pray and pray,

To God, to you and all about you.

I think of you and Kaysee with all A.J. and I do.

What would we be doing? Where would we be?

Our paths are so different with you in Heaven free.

I feel selfish ‘cuz I feel sorry for me, A.J. and most of all Kaysee.

You were our rock,

Our sense of family,

The fiancé, the step-dad and the daddy,

Then on November 14th you were gone in tragedy.

I remember trying to cope,

And only being able to mope.

I cried a lot for your daughter, who you left here on earth,

I’m sure you were sad too, ‘cuz your life’s joy was her birth.

She always filled your life with pride, meaning and drive,

I know she still does in Heaven, just like when you were alive.

We do the best we can, just like we said we would.

And we’re moving on, day by day, like you said we should.

But, we would give about anything to bring you back if we could. 

We miss you Bob! I miss you! I miss your loud-ass voice and laugh – so much it makes me sad.

I miss the way you made me smile even when I was mad.

You’d crack a joke, give a grin or say a silly lie,

Then I couldn’t help but smile and laugh no matter how hard I would try.

I guess the moral of this story is simple, but it’s true.

A.J. and I are thankful to both Kaysee and you.

Thankful that you shared yourselves with my son and me,

Thankful because now, in our hearts, you both will always be.

You’re both in our hearts and right there you’ll stay,

For always, and forever, for infinity, and a day.

We will forever love you guys, for always, come what may.


Still thinking of you

…I don’t know what to say…this album makes me sad and happy at the same time…


I miss you so much,

What I would give for just one touch.

The sound and comfort of your voice,

Telling me once again that I’m your choice.

I can’t believe how unequalled you are,

I wish I didn’t feel like you were so far.

It’s been so long since I’ve dreamt of you,

Sometimes I can’t stop crying, I don’t know what to do.

I’m crying now.

I wish we could’ve taken our vow!

But we didn’t and that’s okay,

I’m on a different path now – just wish I knew the way.

I’m trying so hard,

I keep going forward.

It’s so hard not to think of where we would be,

It’s comforting and an escape to think of you and me.

I want so badly for you to hold me tight,

I know I shouldn’t, they say ‘it’s not right’.

They say ‘don’t live in the past’, ‘you have to move on’

And I’m trying – I really am, because I know that you’re gone.

But I have to honor how awesome you were!

I love you still!

I can’t help it, I always will!


-Allison 2/23/07