My 40 Blogs of Lent Challenge

I want to, I really do! I want to make a Lenten promise (a little late, I know) to contribute to the blogging world during Lent – a challenge to myself to take time to reflect. It’s proving challenging already. My daughter just “barfed” as she’s choosing to call it and I have a new client today so I am NOT calling off – even though that’s what all my motherly instincts are telling me to do. I just want to slip back into my jammies and crawl in bed with her and wait on her hand and foot for the entirety of the illness :-( (Must resist) Her dad will do a fine job spoiling her, and I know he’ll call me with any questions… still it’s sad, it should be me.

Time for more coffee, wrangle in this hair for a day of cleaning, socks and shoes, packing a snack and some drinks, and heading out into the cold world.

One blog down, 39 to go (my 40 blogs of Lent challenge to myself)IMG_6714

One blog

Shake, Rattle ‘n Rollin’ Around

My car has been shaking so I took it to a Tireman. Everyone had me worried that it was going to need expensive front end work, so I was nervous. When they got my car up on the lift and called me back to look at it, my tires looked like a rollercoaster ride – not safe at all – so moral of the story… I had to buy 4 new tires :-(  Good news is now my car is back to it’s nice smooth ridin’ self! Bad news is spending the money has stressed me out.

IMG_7691 IMG_7687      IMG_7690

40 blogs of Lent, 25 down, 15 to go


St. Patrick’s Day Jiggs Dinner Tradition Continues

Every year I make sure we have a nice jiggs dinner on St. Patty’s Day. This year we were at john’s gig – an Irish restaurant  – and it was so YUMMY!! 

In the first picture is our meal with Aria stealing a potato and the second picture is the sheepish smile of the cutest thief ever! The third picture is our run of the mill mother/daughter selfie except we’re in green and it’s a holiday :) 

40 Blogs of Lent, 24 down, 16 to go

Honored at Church


Today at church the teachers were recognized during the service with a little presentation and the gift of a green carnation. After church there was a reception with cake and a group picture :-) So Fun!!! If being a teacher for these little cuties wasn’t enough, we got an honorary day – I love my church!


?????????? ??????????

40 Blogs of Lent, 20 down 20 to go (half way done WOOHOO for me!)

A New Mother Daughter Activity


I asked her to take a selfie of herself. She did it, even though she didn’t want to. (I love it – she is soooo cute!)

I am about to tell u yet another reason why Aria is such an awesome person to do everything with… I have added another activity to the long list!!Watching Family Feud with her is GREAT! She is so serious about her answers and they are so wrong yet so cute at the same time. Here’s an example: the question just was “name something we didn’t have when we were kids” she said “rainbows in the house” and “bow ties”.
Oh how I love her!! She is the BEST!!!

40 Blogs of Lent, 19 down 21, to go